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"1325 Women Sewing Peace" is a programme that has the objective of enhancing the role of women in the peacebuilding. Women continue to be poorly represented in formal peace processes, although they contribute in many informal ways to conflict resolution. The programme?s aim is to give visibility and to acknowledge to women who have done a relevant work on conflict prevention, conflict resolution and reconciliation processes. We have gathered many life stories of women around the world, who have participated on peace processes, on justice and reconciliation, sustainable development and political participation.

The programme promotes the full implementation of the UN 1325 Security Council Resolution ( 2000) and more participation of women in all the areas linked to peace. Ti started on 2010, ten years later of the UN1325 Resolution was accepted.

CEIPAZ have organized seminars, workshops, conferences about Women and Peace and have played an active role on the foundation of WILPF-Spain section.

"1325 Women Sewing Peace" is a book that presents 70 portraits of women who have played a very active role in promoting peace in the world. It is a collection of the life stories of women who are both well-known and also those who remain anonymous, who, as much in their public actions as in their daily lives, have helped make this world a safer, more stable, and more humane place. This book is the collective work of 25 authors and 42 artists, who have used the languages of both literature and art to demonstrate an extensive and enriched vision of women and of peace.

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